Shedding Some Incandescent Light

I AM PEEVED. That's one of the privileges that comes with being "of a certain age."

Trying to be all self-aware and stuff, I've tried to get to the bottom of my pissed-offness. I'm afraid it comes from that propensity of us "men of a certain age" to resist change and accept the New.

But, it could be that maybe all those who tell me the feds are trying to take over our lives are right. That is one of the arguments of the newly armed--get a gun and ammo while you still can.

While I do understand that concern and respect the seriousness of it, as I've said before, it scares the crud out of me. I'm just not sure semi-stable people like me need to be packing.

My mind hasn't changed. In fact... let me tell you about a recent encounter with a good-ol', red-blooded, pick-up driving Okie. I can't say much, for fear he'll hunt me down, but apparently he was displeased with my driving. And since we've relegated the power of the middle finger to the mundane through casual use, I guess he figured the only way to let me know of his discontent was to use his handgun to fire a shot over the top of our car. I'm not kidding.

I'm holding to my belief that he intentionally shot OVER us, because I can't bring myself to think that a person would actually be so mad, medicated, or mentally-deranged to actual shot with intent to kill. But hey, he had a gun, why not use it?

Well back to my peevedness and concern over government intervention. I really like incandescent light bulbs. I do not like florescent. Florescent have a freakish blueness to them and a flutter that drives me nuts(er). 

Now the government comes along and says, "Incandescent bulbs are banned." Seriously? Not to brag, but for an old guy, I'm pretty green. I don't hug trees, but I do recycle.

I did some quick Googling and ciphering and best I can tell with the electricity it takes to power every house in Oklahoma for a week, you can power the Vegas Strip for a day. Probably not a good attitude, but as long as the Strip gets to keep it's lights on. I'm going to burn my incandescents (until they've all burned out anyway, because you can't buy them anymore).

I wish I could blame the Obama administration (just because they are so easy to blame for everything), but this one is on George W. Blame doesn't help anyway.

Let me just say this right now to the light bulb police, you can come to my house and try to unscrew my bulbs if you want, but be forewarned, I might hit you in the shins with my walking-stick.

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