Maybe you've seen the movie About Schmidt with Jack Nicholson. The movie starts with Schmidt at his retirement dinner. It's the beginning of a road of dark comedy that many of us could relate to but none of us want to travel.

The title of this blog--About Pops--is a respectful borrowing of the concept from the movie. Why "Pops?" It is how I'm known to my Grand-Girls & GRAND-Son.


Here, the name Pops is intended to be a collective for those of us in our 50-60-somethings dealing with a life transition that may be as difficult as puberty, up to and including hair growth in new places. 

The hope is to have some fun with the journey, rather than take another morbid view; something akin to, "Take your Lipitor and Viagra and wait for the inevitable." 

So, you'll find here some reminiscing, some reviews of great products, and a community sharing some insights on how to make the most of it all, living it all to the fullest.