Horse Then Cart

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight: horse, then the cart. Check.

In several posts on this blog, I’ve mentioned my longing for an Airstream trailer and the adventures I can see with my mind’s-eye. It’s like an itch that needs to be scratched. In one post, a year ago, I likened it, maybe over-dramatically, to a sort of siren’s call.

Also on this blog, I’ve recorded the fact that us Men of a Certain Age need a good hobby, or pastime; something that we can enjoy into our retirement years. At times I’ve felt some desperation in the fact that I don’t really have that; yet. Oh, I love hanging out with the Grand-Girls, in short bursts. Their energy level exceeds mine exponentially.

I like to read and write. I tried golf but it’s too expensive and makes me say really bad words; out loud.

I do love to travel, to see new things, to wander and wonder. It’s like Ellie said, in the wonderful movie, UP: “Adventure is out there!

So, the dream of an Airstream is still alive and well and closer than ever before. But as my Amazing-Missus has lovingly pointed out to me several times: I tend to get my cart before my horse. The fact is that we’ve had neither horse nor cart. UNTIL NOW.

Yesterday we bought our horse, a new TV! That’s “tow vehicle” in nomad speak. After careful research, wailing and gnashing of teeth, we threw out a fleece, and went for it. Now we have a shiny, black Ford F150 Lariat with Ecoboost. This black beauty is rated at 9,000 GVWR. I’m not sure what that means but the chart says she will easily pull our Airstream (when we ever get one), me, Mimi, three Grand-Girls and all their MUST-haves: dolls, princesses, books, etc.

There she is: Our Black Beauty. We stopped by Elemental for a celebratory cup of coffee

There she is: Our Black Beauty. We stopped by Elemental for a celebratory cup of coffee

I just finished reading, “The Power and The Glory” by Graham Greene. I highly recommend it. Towards the end of the book, Greene describes a man in the story this way: “He looked old and tired and bored—a man without a hobby.”

To all my friends of a Certain Age out there: let’s not be that guy.


P.S.: I highly recommend, If you’re shopping for a Ford for your adventure, go see Zack Thiel at England Ford in Hinton, Oklahoma. Zack is the antithesis of every stereotypical car salesman you could imagine. He very patiently walked with me through my always diligent and cautious and long process of making a big purchase. Thank you Zack.