Dads & Sons & Grandsons

I started out as a son-of-a-dad, you probably did too, unless your a girl, obviously. Then one day I became a dad-of-a-son (his mother might think I’m over simplifying that part), and a few years later: a dad-of-two-sons. Next, I became the dad-of-a-dad, and just a few weeks ago, the dad-of-two-dads, and the Pops-of-a-GRANDSON, and still the son-of-an-amazing-92-year-old DAD.

Even though Father’s Day is still several days away—Happy Father’s Day men.



Since this blog is ostensibly ABOUT POPS, specifically and generally, how can I not type a few thoughts about the whole man/family theme at this time of the year. Someone has to give Father’s Day its due. Let’s face it: Father’s Day isn’t one of the biggies like Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and Halloween. It’s more in the class of Groundhog Day, Columbus Day, Labor Day, etc., you know, those days that we’re glad we have but we’re not going to go to Hobby Lobby and buy decorations for them 13-months in advance.

So, I’m stepping up as a SpokesMAN (and I mean that in a true politically-incorrect and insenitive masculine form of the word) for Father’s Day 2017. Unfortunately, I won’t be around to celebrate the actual day with my father or my sons/fathers-of-my Grand-Girls and GRANDSON. My Amazing-Missus, Bambi and I will be on an adventure, somewhere in Ohio. (Yes, I know it’s stupid to post stuff on the WWW about being out of town, what with all the criminal types out there. But, hey, we have insurance and we’ve been talking about getting rid of some stuff anyway.)

Speaking of travel, some of the fondest father/son memories are of trips we’ve taken together. A lot of miles and great experiences and time shared together. It is sublime for me. An ideal Father’s Day would include a slow gathering around a table spread with a hearty shrimp-boil or burgers from the grill, and telling stories of trips we’ve made together.

Speaking of time and travel, another Father’s Day treat would be to watch a good movie together. A personal favorite is about the men of a family and their ability to travel back in time a bit. It’s called, “About Time”, and I highly recommend it (unless you’re one of those unfortunate literal thinking guys, who lack imagination and can’t just enjoy a story for the sake of the story).

Or how about a movie about one of my favorite fictional dads, Atticus Finch, in “To Kill A Mockingbird”? Which set me to thinking deeply about what is the criteria I use for choosing a favorite fictional dad? Is there really a criteria and if so, where did it come from?

So I put together a shortlist of my favorites:

Best I can tell, if you want to make my list of favorite fictional dads, or maybe real-life dads for that matter you need to be somewhat flawed but not afraid to embrace your flawedness. Whether its planning an awesome vacation or a celebration like “Festivus”, you take the chance because you want your family to experience life in all its richness. And yeah, sometimes you seem busy, self-absorbed, clueless; still you’re there. And even though you’re probably scared to death most of the time, you try hard to be strong; not the hero, but the one that can be counted on.