A Little Fun With Vintage Christmas Ads

“Really! You’re wearing that to the Pepsi party?” he thought to himself, as he smiled disdainfully.

“I sure would appreciate your vote in 1980. Love, Ronnie.”

She’s probably thinking, “He sure knows his electrical stuff!”
He’s probably thinking, “I’ll stay here until I check every bulb.”

“I’m 18, and for Christmas I got a senior ring and a Red Rider BB gun like Lil Dweeb and Lil Dweebier. What should I shoot first?”

Prancer and Santa act like this, and the other reindeer laughed and called Rudolph names?! 

I wish I could read her mind, but I’m a guy, so… A guy who once bought his Amazing-Missus a mixer for Christmas. In my defense, it was a KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer, and she uses it lot.

No thank you. I’m on the cauliflower-pea-and-pinkish-meat-free diet.

This still doesn’t answer the big question about Santa. Boxers or briefs?