Sailing... so many life metaphors

Sailing terminology is ripped right out of life and vice versa.

  • The Bitter End – The end of a line that controls the sails
  • Even Keeled – A situation in which the boat is level and balanced for a smooth ride
  • Keel Over – Capsize 
  • Figurehead – A carved figure on the bow of a ship
  • Under the weather – Crew who are fatigued from working the windward side of the ship
  • By and large – Sails are trimmed and full of wind
  • Changing tacks – Steer across the wind
  • Take the wind out of your sails – Another boat sails across your tack stealing your wind. Etymology: based on the literal meaning of take the wind out of someone's sails (to slow down a competing boat by catching the wind in your own sails and preventing it from filling the other boat's sails)
  • Taken aback – having the wind against the forward side of the sails so as to prevent forward motion.

Aboard  Trust Me II.

Aboard Trust Me II.