There's That Song Again

Is there an "adventure" gene in guys? If there is, maybe its powers run inverse to T-Levels. Why else would old guys pursue things like Harleys®, Vespas®, boats, RVs and/or Trophy-Wives? Could it be that there are sirens out there luring us with their song?

The Siren, oil on canvas, Leeds Art Gallery

The Siren, oil on canvas, Leeds Art Gallery

[I wish I could remember which humor-blessed person commented on a guy's not-so-lovely Trophy Wife, "She obviously wasn't the First Place Trophy."]

My Amazing-Missus has lovingly tolerated my adventure seeking for many years and several pursuits: Huge career change, Moving our young family to a tiny, wonderful community in western Oklahoma, a sailboat, a Vespa (as long as I wear my helmet and florescent green vest), and now--drum roll--an Airstream® travel trailer.

It's not actually the old geezer RV life that is appealing to me, in fact that's a stereotype I want to avoid completely. You know the image: old guys in the black support socks and those one-piece jump suit things, comparing the sizes of each others holding tanks, bragging of how many slide-outs their rig has.

I'm sorry if I may have offended some with my characterization, but hey, if the velcro-close SAS® fits, wear it. The fact is some of those guys are heroes of mine.

For me, it's answering the call of the open road in an iconic, classic, silvery piece of art. For now, it's simply in the exploring the possibilities stage: Googling, reading blogs, lusting after the life of the adventurous "full-timers." Yes, there are people who have sold all and are living full time in an Airstream travel trailer.

When I first mentioned this to my Amazing-Missus, I'm surprised she didn't say, "Have you ever thought about looking for a trophy wife?" But no! We loaded in the car and made a six-hour road trip to walk through brand new, shiny, Airstreams!

Now I know why hardcore Airstreamers refer to "SOBs." They speak of their beloved icons and then the class of all other RVs as "Some Other Brand." Airstreams rise to the level of having a mystique that extends way beyond the physical thing. And as happens with these types of phenomena, followers take on a cult-like persona. Pass me the Kool-Aid®.

In my Airstream fantasy, our quest starts sooner rather than later, after all, I'm not getting any younger. I quickly learned, however, that my dream-stream exceeds the cash-on-hand. And I don't like the idea of going in to debt for expensive toys; OR, is this an investment in the journey of a lifetime. Let the justification begin.

Stay tuned for more… In the meantime, What does your current mad adventure look like?